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Autonomo RoadOn

Technical Specs

The Vehicle

• The RoadOn resumes, enhance and integrates the state of the art technology available into a unique solution focused on supplying the ride sharing sector with an efficient, reliable and low maintenance vehicle.
• As a laptop platform with wheels, the RoadOn has all the basics to transit in a ride sharing network and be driven by the best driver less software, using the best sensors, which have reserved space and slots to be connected.
• The design had been developed with the basic concept of multiple users and heavy duty use.
• Structure, chassis and suspensions were developed for more than 300 miles use per day.
• Lightweight composites structure reduce 35% vehicles weight when compared to conventional materials vehicles.
• Attends safety standards.
• Powertrain integrates a high efficiency motor with improved drivers and battery management system.
• An innovative battery pack correctly dimensioned for this use plays a unique role in vehicles integration.
• Charged by induction wireless systems.
• Batteries are a key element for this development, using state of the art technology with improved proprietary materials.
• Driverless technology ready.
• Biometrically measured access.
• Community Integrated system allows interaction between vehicles and other transportation systems.
• Total traceability and telemetrically measured.

Structure, design and materials

• Using team`s large experience and incorporating some innovative concepts, the vehicle is conceived as a safe moving cell uniting circular shapes and arcs.
• External surfaces are meant to give the lowest cx possible and style, with the smallest footprint possible and acceptable.
• Exterior design with high acceptance from different cultures.
• Interiors are minimalist, easy to clean and to exchange emulating airplanes systems.
• Interior space designed to give comfort, plenty of space, ergonomic shapes and good visibility.
• Solar panels in dashboard and roof supplies amenities.
• Roof solar panel is detachable and can be used to source cell phones and audio systems away from the vehicle.
• There is no metals in the structure of the vehicle, a composites safety cell, composites panels and thermoformed plastic surfaces form a safe, low maintenance, low weight and affordable body.
• Plenty of electronics charging plugs, wifi and smartphone interaction.


SAERTEX® Group is a global market leader in developing and producing glass, aramid and carbon fibre multiaxial NCF for use in manufacturing fiber reinforced materials, which are known as composites. Above all the wind energy, shipbuilding, boat building, transport, automobile and aviation industries rely on plastics strengthened with SAERTEX® products. Our products have been used in modernizing canals and in the sporting goods industry for many years. Components reinforced with plastics have decisive advantages over standard ones of steel or aluminum. Among other benefits, they are lighter and more resistant to corrosion.

California Lithium Battery (CLB) addresses the fundamental challenge of improving batteries with a new disruptive technology: a Silicon-Graphene (SiGr) composite anode material.
Developed in cooperation with Argonne National Laboratory in 2010, this technology takes full advantage of graphene’s strength and elasticity to stabilize silicon in a composite anode. That is, CalBattery’s unique manufacturing process for SiGr anodes uniformly embeds nano-silicon into graphene platelets in stable structures that in turn absorb the silicon expansion during charging. This creates the most stable silicon anode material known today – effectively tripling anode specific capacity (from 325mAh/g to 1,250mAh/g) over the traditional graphite anode materials used today.
CalBattery’s SiGr anode is a superior “drop-in” replacement for graphite-based anode materials, offering significant benefits in Li-ion battery performance especially in energy density and specific capacity while reducing future Li-ion battery cost per kWh by up to 70%.

Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters, Inc. VISIONARY AUTOMOBILE DESIGN
With more than 35 year experience in the design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of components and vehicles, GFMI has grown to become a world leader in the automotive industry. It can support customers in a wide variety of projects, ranging from deck models to complete vehicle development and build. Supported the development of almost every Electric Vehicle in the market, including Tesla’s Model S and Roadster.
GFMI provides unmatched capability and experience in the build of concept, prototype and low-volume production programs. Using in-house resources, can build everything from a surface verification model to a fully functional technology demonstrator vehicle or pre-series.
Important strategic ally as a product engineering supporting company serves major car manufacturers and aerospace in the world. It’s of fundamental importance for us as an important guidance in the last engineering details.


It's the element of the system that provides the initial economic feasibility for car sharing services, together with predictability for future users in need of charging infrastructure.
The SUNFLOWER BUILDING was created te be the emblem the electric car needs: an iconic building to give visibility to the electric car in particular and sustainable energies in general.
Because of this, the SUNFLOWER BUILDING is a multicharging station that is equipped to handle all the charging systems currently in the market (a connection standard for EVs has yet to appear).

Also, the way the building is designed will enable the cars to run as much as possible on energy generated in the building itself in a sustainable way, via wind, sun or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), to achieve the lowest possible carbon emissions and footprint.

Finally, the vehicles are loaded inside of the building with a system of elevators, enabling it to park 30 RoadOn vehicles in the space of 10 cars. All this while providing external traditional recharge posts for other models, drastically reducing installation costs.
There are just some of the many comprehensive, innovative and unique solutions that are offered to help introduce electric vehicles to society, to demonstrate the efficiency of renewable energies, and to show how technologies like Smart Grids and Smart Cities (in charge of managing the entire system) operate.


Strategic site to an Innovative Company.

•Today California is the international center for everything related to new sustainable mobility impulse.
• Is one of the top 5 states in the area of science and technology- No.1 in Risk Capital and Entrepreneurial Infrastructure & No.3 in Research and Development Inputs.
• Is the No.1 state for venture capital (VC) receiving four times more venture capital than the nation’s average. Last year, California received 51.3 percent of all VC invested in the U.S. far more than any other state.
• Priority in the use of special local workforce (for example, veterans and minorities), which allows us to qualify for specific benefits, and to provide units for official use.
• California is one of the top 10 states in the areas of high-wage services, fastest growing companies, initial public offerings (IPO), innovation capacity and patents.
• Flexibility and agility in the installation of productive units, prioritizing local policies supporting EVs, CNG and sustainable energies.
• Our first market objective is California, because it is and had been historically, the most active state in the world pushing EVs, CNG, and sustainable energies. For this reason a series of programs were created, including a USD120 million annual fund to increase the installation of charging stations and project of incorporating 1.5 million EVs by 2020, becoming without any doubts, the best market objective.
• Federal administration has proposed a raise from 7.500 to 10.000 dollars tax credit for each electric car purchased and the possibility of converting it into cash is studied. This US federal Government effort is added to a 30% of Car’s value given by California State government. So, retail price (after reimbursing the USD7.500 + 2.500) would make a potential buyer seriously consider buying an electric vehicle. An extraordinary benefit for our company’s strategy, which justifies the success possibilities for our project, these benefits have been also extended to CNG cars.
Governor of California, Jerry Brown, 50% renewables by 2030-01/05/2015.

California Competes Tax Credit.
Department of Energy – ARPA-E-FOA.
Letter of Support to ArqBravo Group - Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development.

GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN: 'The challenge is to build for the future, not to steal from it, to live within our means and to keep California ever golden and creative, as our forebears have shown and as our descendants would expect.' - JANUARY 10, 2015

In the National Public Radio interview with Governor Brown this weekend he called out the 'electrifying' California and creating jobs and being part of California's cutting edge and the forefront of change.


The Team

We have a very strong team, ready to tackle the constant new challenges the future provides while creating opportunities for our Group’s companies.

The Group uses lateral thinking to create and organize value chains and new concepts of supply chain integration. The integration of value chains in an innovative way means generating new ways to join forces with our suppliers and to perform sales and product and service communications. This articulation of all new ideas into value chains increases the company’s portfolio and might even trigger the creation of new companies inside of our Group. One example is our presence in lithium’s added value chain, going from the mine all the way to the EV's charging stations. This way of structuring value generation delivers high efficiency and reduces industrial R&D costs.

In consequence, the highest value of our Group is the generation of innovations at a low cost, especially when compared to the average industry’s investments for same areas.

To achieve all this, we have a great team of experienced people who believe and share our vision towards the future.

Board Members

Miguel Angel Bravo, Chairman of ArqBravo Group, constituted by a group of innovative companies in different stages of development with over 650 investors. Entrepreneur of the plastics industry, metalworking, automotive and entertainment.
Since joining the faculty (17 years) I offer design and production services. Create the Study of Architecture Design and Communication ArqBravo and Associates.
Innovation Management, from the idea to the user experience, through all stages of product engineering and production processes.
Compliance with all the traditional steps related to venture capital (3F, Angels Investors, Venture Capital, IPO).

Eduardo Javier Muñoz, CEO, is an entrepreneur and International Business professional with experience in the field since 1994. He has a great deal of experience in international business product development, with 10 years in Brazil working with products from Amazonia. He also acted as director at Unifloresta, a sustainable development organization in the Brazilian Amazon region and at Amazônia Sustentável, the most important Forum of the region.

Paul Taylor, is the former Deputy CEO, Los Angeles MTA.

Richard Katz, is a former California congressman and president of the Transportation commission of the House, and former Chairman of Los Angeles MTA.

Ruben Gaffoglio, has 35 years leading product engineering developments and concept vehicles in aerospace and automotive industries at Metalcrafters.

Advisory Board

Pedro Campo, is achassis development legend with more than 50 years experience around the world.

Lucas Lopez, Hernan Charalambopoulos and Juan Maronese, are a design dream team with huge experience servicing major companies like Mercedes, Audi, Fiat Group, BMW, Maserati and others.

Carlos Sansoni, is a Former director of Fiat Argentina, with more than 40 years in the industry and has built several automotive facilities from the ground up.



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